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Asked Questions

Why do I need comprehensive dental care?

Just as your doctor would not treat your finger without also considering your hand, it would be short-sighted for your dentist to treat one tooth without also considering your entire mouth, body, and well-being. Each tooth is only one part of your mouth, so in doing comprehensive dental care Dr. Bowen will evaluate your teeth while also taking into account your gums, jaw bone, any pain or bite issues you have, and your esthetic desires. This does not mean that comprehensive dental care has to take a lot of time or money! It's actually the opposite. When Dr. Bowen establishes a comprehensive dental plan for you, she takes into account your goals, including time and budget limitations so that the predicted results are achievable.

What are risk factors?

Risk factors are different items we consider as we evaluate where the problem areas in your mouth are. When we identify a patient's risk factors or problem areas, we have a better idea of how we can produce excellent, long-lasting results. Some of the things we look at are based on habits or lifestyle, and others are genetic, morphological, and physiological, meaning some things we can work on improving and some things we have to work within the limitations of the body or mouth itself.

Do you see children?

Yes! We love patients of all ages. Dr. Bowen has done additional training to work with children, and all of our staff members either have their own children or have worked extensively with them. Dr. Bowen will discuss any treatment your child needs at their dental appointment, and she works closely with area pediatric dentists in situations where she feels a child would be best served with sedation dentistry. All of these options will be discussed with you, the parent, at your child's appointment.

What is a filling? What is a crown? Are a filling and a crown different?

A filing is a procedure that is done when Dr. Bowen has the ability to remove the decayed portion of your tooth and "fill" it with a tooth-colored material. A crown is a procedure that is done when there are structural compromises to the tooth such as very extensive decay, cracks in the tooth, or old fillings that are very large. In addition to removing the decayed or broken part of your tooth, Dr. Bowen will make a smaller version of your tooth so that it can be wrapped in a protective porcelain cover. Dr. Bowen and her team will discuss which is the best choice for you at your appointment.

Do I need a dental implant?

Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth. If you currently have gaps in your mouth where you once had teeth, or if you have to have a tooth removed, Dr. Bowen can tell you if a dental implant is a good option for you!

Why do I need a deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, is a procedure that removes the hard and soft deposits from your tooth surface both above and below your gums.  The bacteria and the toxins they produce can lead to inflammation of your gums and/or bone loss, so removing this damaging buildup is an important step in allowing your gums and bone to be healthy if you are susceptible to periodontal disease.

Do you accept my insurance?

Yes! Our team is highly skilled in dealing with insurance companies, and we are happy to file a claim with your dental insurance company on your behalf. We do our best to estimate your out-of-pocket portion before your appointment so that you do not have unhappy surprises after your visit.

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